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Welcome to SOSA Dance Fitness

SOSA Dance Fitness is the AUTHENTIC, LOW-IMPACT International dance fitness programme exclusively for women!. Our fun-packed workout is suitable for EVERYONE of all shapes and sizes, ages and abilities.

SOSA Dance Fitness adapts traditional International partner dance styles to make them SOLO, so you can learn to dance WITHOUT THE NEED FOR A PARTNER!.  Our fabulous dance fitness workout enables our participants to learn beautiful dance steps, and keep fit at the same time!.

We incorporate a vast array of International dance styles into our programme. Our dance styles include Salsa, Ballroom, Latin American, Afro-Caribbean, Swing, Jive, Rock ‘n’ Roll, to name but a few. At SOSA Dance Fitness, we believe that teaching technique and styling is extremely beneficial to our participants. So as you become familiar with the steps you will become more confident, and benefit more from the workout.

Our program has been specifically tailored to be low-impact, however this doesn’t mean that the workout is SLOW and BORING. You do not have to  jump or run around in class to keep fit. You definitely do not have to torture yourself! All of our routines are designed to be high energy, and deliver a great overall workout that will tone and shape your whole body. The old saying ‘No pain, no gain’ really couldn’t be further from the truth!

We have participants in our classes aged 16-70+, and our workout is also suitable for GP referrals, and anyone who has previous impact injuries.

Our Instructors

We only train experienced dance and fitness industry professionals, to ensure that all of our classes across the country are taught by competent and fully insured instructors. We are committed to providing a safe and effective environment for our participants to exercise. You can be safe in the knowledge that all of our instructors fully understand your needs and fitness goals.

No two SOSA Dance Fitness classes are the same! Our instructors have access to a huge back catalogue of routines, including four new routines every month to keep your class fresh and exciting. This also enables our instructors to tailor their classes specifically for YOUR NEEDS. And as a result, they can deliver multiple classes every week and never repeat the same routine twice.

Get ready to Dance Yourself Happy!!

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